Next journal club on Thu Nov 27 2014: (IMP 3rd floor seminar room 3):

    • **Lorenzo: Radford et al. (2014). In utero undernourishment perturbs the adult sperm methylome and intergenerational metabolism. Science. link
    • **Felix: Mathieu, J., Warthmann, N., K ttner, F., & Schmid, M. (2007). Export of FT protein from phloem companion cells is sufficient for floral induction in Arabidopsis. Curr Biol, 17(12), 1055 1060. link
    • **Rui:Isobe, T, Shimono, Y, 2014, miR-142 regulates the tumorigenicity of human breast cancer stem cells through the canonical WNT signaling pathway, eLife link

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