Lab Events and Outings

October 2017, Stark Group past & present at IMP Opening Conference

IMP Opening Conference

August 2017, Stark Group Retreat 2017

Stark Group Retreat 2017

July 2017, Mamduh’s Farewell Celebration

Mamduh Farewell 2017

June 2017, Stark Lab Terrace Beer hour

Beer Hour 2017

May 2017, Mamduh’s PhD Defense

Mamduh Defense 2017

February 2017, Stark Group STAP-seq Paper Celebration

Group STAP-seq Paper Celebration Dinner 2017

December 2016, Stark Group pre Christmas Dinner Punch

Group Christmas Dinner 2016

December 2016, Stark Group Goose Dinner

Goose dinner 2016

November 2016, Move to the new IMP building

Move to new IMP 2016

October 2016, Sebastian’s Farewell Celebration

Sebastian Farewell 2016

July 2016, Lukasz’s PhD Defense and Farewell Celebration

Lukasz Defense 2016

July 2016, Stark Group Retreat 2016

Stark Group Retreat 2016

January 2016, Tomas’s PhD Defense Celebration

Tomass Defense 2016

Events Archive

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